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Ecom Wizz is now available to the public but with a limit to the amount of users it allows to join monthly.

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Unlike any other product research tools, Ecom Wizz uses actual data analysis scraping over 1.3 million Aliexpress products and over 1.1 million Shopify stores every 48 hours.

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Anyone, regardless if they’re an experienced dropshipper or are just getting into the game can use this spectacular tool to take their online business a whole new level.


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The Founders

Nikita and Connor began their online dropshipping businesses only three years ago and very quickly became experts, generating 7 figures in sales with their online stores. Their success came from the ability to see winning products and jumping on them before the market would become too saturated. However with so many options, even they had a tough time always catching the right products quickly and efficiently without spending thousands of dollars testing the ones that should have never made the cut.

For this reason, they founded Ecom Wizz, an e-commerce and dropshipping software which is set out to change the dropshipping industry as we know it.

Founder Nikita

Nikita Danilov

Founder Conor

Connor Barner

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